M&A and Corporate

Corporate law and mergers and acquisitions form an integral part of the expertise of our attorneys. Advising our clients in these fields requires both legal and economic know-how as well as an understanding of the various business cycles of enterprises, leading our attorneys to approach corporate law and transactions consultancy from a variety of economic and management aspects.

We advise our clients from the early stages of incorporating a company to finalizing the liquidation of a corporate entity. Between these two processes are a number of day-to-day activities that rely on professional advice, e.g. drafting of shareholder and management agreements, supervising changes in equity, holding annual general meetings and setting up corporate restructurings and divisions.

In the field of mergers and acquisitions we support our clients through each phase of the transaction, from drafting the required documentation, performing due diligence audits and conducting strategic negotiations to the successful completion of the transaction. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in successfully closing cross-border mergers and acquisition transactions and Hedman Partners was the first to advise an Estonian-Finnish cross-border merger transaction.

Hedman Partners‘ active cooperation with the firm’s Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues gives our clients the guarantee that they will receive a service of similar quality, speed and flexibility in other countries as well.