Intellectual Property and Information technology

Our attorneys advise and represent companies in all legal matters pertinent to intellectual property rights and information technology. We are experienced in registering trademarks (European Community trademark, International trademark) and patents (international patent) and upholding copyrights and other intellectual property regulations. We advise our clients on product design, software development, domain registration, data protection, database management and confidentiality and licensing matters. Hedman Partners conducts intellectual property audits on behalf of its clients, allowing them to maximize the benefits of intellectual property ownership rights.

In the field of information technology we add an innovative approach to providing high-quality  legal services for drafting and analyzing contracts and also negotiating contract terms and conditions. Our experts have extensive experience in advising clients on internet portal management issues ranging from e-commerce related queries to portal manager responsibilities. Hedman Partners‘ attorneys have also successfully represented clients in public procurement tender disputes involving both hardware and software and information technology services. We have drafted numerous licensing contracts and development and sales contracts for software and other IT-solutions.

Hedman Partners enjoys a productive cooperation partnership with several patent offices in Estonia and abroad, which ensures that our clients‘ intellectual property rights are well-protected outside the borders of Estonia as well.

We at Hedman Partners value the wishes and needs of our clients, thus our attorneys are geared towards ensuring the best possible protection of additional intellectual property rights which emerge in the process of achieving the desired objectives, taking into consideration the client’s business position and the surrounding economic environment. Therefore Hedman Partners is able to deliver results that add value to the intellectual property of our clients and their IT-solutions.