ICOs, or initial coin offerings, are the most recent approach to carrying out fundraising for prospective and innovative business ventures. Conducting an ICO enables to distribute easily accessible and liquid tokens against payment of funds. Having advised a great number of ICO’s as well as other blockchain and token economy based projects, our team is highly competent in providing assistance for cutting-edge ideas and solutions that utilize the blockchain in their business.

Our attorneys advise entrepreneurs in all matters related to conducting an ICO, including analyzing the applicability of securities law and marketing regulations, drafting contracts with the end-client and setting up an Estonian legal entity according to the client’s needs and specifications.

We provide end-to-end services when it comes to ICO projects and for business ventures that utilize the possibilities of blockchain, which is why we are also working with KYC service providers, international cryptocurrency exchanges and accounting firms. We also advise in licensed crypto-related activities such as applying for virtual wallet and virtual currency to fiat currency exchange activity licenses.

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