Hedman Partners joins The Global Hack as mentors

Hedman Partners is happy to announce that our team has joined the worldwide hackathon as mentors. As experts in the field, we can contribute to the success of the teams. The Global Hack is an online hackathon that will be … Continue reading

Coronavirus and payday: lay-offs

The spread of the coronavirus has a significant impact on the economy and subsequently on the turnover of companies. Employers in economic difficulty need to assess how to cut costs and reorganise work and might even be forced to lay-off … Continue reading

Coronavirus and payday: reduction of wages

The spread of the coronavirus has caused both the employers and employees to worry about wages. Estonian law does not provide for the possibility of temporary lay-offs or compulsory leave. However, limited opportunities to reduce wages are possible. This hits … Continue reading

Identity Theft In Fundraising – Nearly a Case Study

You have been contacted by a foreign investor who is looking to make a sizeable investment in your startup? Great! However, it might be necessary to do more than the usual due diligence onthe investor, as one founder recently discovered. … Continue reading