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Identity Theft In Fundraising – Nearly a Case Study

You have been contacted by a foreign investor who is looking to make a sizeable investment in your startup? Great! However, it might be necessary to do more than the usual due diligence onthe investor, as one founder recently discovered. … Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence & Law Coffee Morning Takeaways

In our recent Coffee Morning in Lift99 our lawyer Henrik Trasberg talked about AI & Law. Here are some of the takeaways: ✔️The general policy of most countries surround AI is that instead of creating an overarching AI regulation, it … Continue reading

Storing cookies requires internet users’ active consent

At the beginning of October, the European Court of Justice made a ruling in case Planet49, where the Court stated that consent which a website user must give to the storage of and access to cookies on his or her … Continue reading

Liquidation preference: Where did the 20 million from „Chasing Unicorns“ go?

Every start-up entrepreneur wants to create a start-up with rapid growth and that every euro invested returns at least ten. The investors expect the same, however, the reality is often different from the expectations. In order to protect their investment, … Continue reading