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Liquidation preference: Where did the 20 million from „Chasing Unicorns“ go?

In the light of the fresh start-up comedy Chasing Unicorns, the question arises: what does liquidation preference mean? Let’s explain. Liquidation preference refers to the right of an investor to recoup the money invested in the startup over other shareholders, … Continue reading

How do you hire your team of developers?

Congratulations! You’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a new start-up, received a start-up visa, and relocated to Estonia! All you need now is a devoted team of developers to translate your idea into something tangible. In this blog … Continue reading

The Estonian Limited Partnership Fund – A Guide for VC Investors

Following the UK’s and Luxembourg’s lead on designing attractive investment schemes for closed-end collective private equity and venture capital investments, Estonia has implemented the Limited Partnership Fund (“LPF”) structure (similar to the Private Fund Limited Partnership or PFLP in the … Continue reading

Crypto-licenses in Estonia – Should Your Company Apply?

Estonia, being one of the first EU member states to implement the 4th AML directive – by detailing the regulations related to virtual wallets and virtual currency to fiat currency exchanges – has created a favorable jurisdiction for many entrepreneurs … Continue reading