GDPR – Helping technology, e-commerce, health-tech, marketing, recruitment etc. companies to implement GDPR requirements.

DPO training – Data Protection Officer (DPO) training – we provide bespoke DPO training courses based on the client’s profile. During training, we help the DPO understand the requirements of GDPR applicable to the company and carry out a data protection impact assessment for ensuring compliance with regulations.

DPO (data protection officer) service – added to the DPO training, we also offer DPO service which means that we would be appointed as your company’s DPO and ensure compliance on data protection matters. As a DPO, we would assist you on compliance, inform you of data protection obligations, provide assistance on working out data protection impact assessments (if needed) and act as a contact point for your data subjects and the supervisory authority.

You have an obligation to appoint a DPO, if you are a public body or if you process personal data on a large scale. Even if not obligated, it is beneficial to have a DPO, in order to have an expert to help out with data protection matters.

Data protection impact assessment – conducting an impact assessment for the existing software solutions, data processing and for the new products or services of the company, to evaluate the company’s compliance with the GDPR. Including assessment, whether the company’s databases correspond to the technical and legal requirements of the GDPR.