EU & International Law

Due to the diverse legal landscape of today knowledge of the European law, in addition to the Estonian law, may play an important role when solving a task and therefore offering the best solution to the client often requires in-depth understanding of the European law. Our experts have comprehensive knowledge regarding implementation of the European law, also in questions concerning interpreting the European law, foremost in the domains of excise duty, consumer credit, taxation of cross-border labour and labour hire.

Hedman Partners’ experts have also successfully advised clients in numerous cross-border execution, bankruptcy and judicial proceedings, including assisted clients in enforcing judgements made in foreign states in Estonia and vice versa and also in applying different protective measures for ensuring the protection of the clients’ cross-border interests.

In addition to above our specialists also possess thorough knowledge of the private international law, foremost in the issues concerning determining the applicable law and court jurisdiction, i.e. in which states’ court and according to which states’ law the issue must be solved.